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Publication: 24.06.2021 — 22.08.2021

Description of book "In Full Colour"

Axel, Lily’s twin brother and the infamous playboy of numerous packs has finally found his mate. The only problem was, he did not want one and would do anything in his power to avoid getting mated.
Over the past few weeks, I have tried desperately to forget about her, to push her out of my mind, out of my life, but she kept popping up every time I went to sleep. Whenever my mind opened to its subconscious and I could not willingly force her out, she appeared.
I hated it. I hated not having control over my own animalistic body with its need-driven nature.

IN FULL COLOUR, is the sequel to SILENT NOISE, but can be read as a standalone.

SIDE NOTE: This book includes some strong adult themes, so 18+ only.
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Substance abuse, self-harm, borderline sexual misconduct.


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uzma shaheen shahid
05.03.2022, 18:03:55

well Beast's love for Molly was incredible the way he ended his life for her was emotional and the turn that coyne's younger son is from lily was quiet unexpected

Eli Blake
11.04.2022, 20:46:19

uzma shaheen shahid, WAIT! COYNE'S YOUNGER SON IS FROM LILY??

Eli Blake
11.04.2022, 20:19:37

Beast...Molly... No... *sniffles* my favorite couple...

Eli Blake
11.04.2022, 16:20:38

Blood Oath! Heir gets to live? Keep Coyne bloodline alive please.

Eli Blake
07.04.2022, 09:20:27

Love you back, Lana, a very amazing writer. The chapter surely touched my heart. It is beautiful. The entire book is beautiful. Beautiful work. Thank you for writing this.

Eli Blake
03.04.2022, 22:36:17

I laughed at how author wrote over a thousand words in Chapter 48 to describe the festival yet in the end said "I have no words to describe it"

Remarkable work.

Eli Blake
03.04.2022, 09:59:17

This book has got me hooked so deep. The raw emotions wriiten down are hard to miss and feel like as if we are a part of the story. Truly amazing work.

Eli Blake
01.04.2022, 23:30:28

I fell in love with the book right away. It's magnificent. The description is easy on mind and the style is engaging. Thank you for the book.

18.01.2022, 11:43:19

superb, mind blowing, extraordinary and seriously I can not even imagine such a thing and you penned out. the emotional journey of Alex and gabby is superb. and we are with a question also does corny and Lilly have a mutual child and where he is. plz reply

Fourier Karen
17.10.2021, 06:03:06

Excellent book, you did a beautiful work, I totally recommend.

01.10.2021, 12:24:47

I don't understand why alex blames himself for what happened to his sis?? and what about heir ??

Passionate Writer
20.08.2021, 17:45:52

Author I'm also expecting a book on Coyne's journey... Hope you will make it as soon as possible ?

Passionate Writer
20.08.2021, 13:19:25

Best book in supernatural genre ... There are not many authors who are being creative in their work these days... The book is worth making a movie on it... Beautifully displayed emotions, it feels like the words in paragraphs are feeling the emotions of the bearer ... You have to keep it up coz not everyone has your talent and it's your talent that readers like me need ... Well-wisher!

O.J Ebubeoha
24.06.2021, 18:14:58

I read the prologue and it's really catching.
Will try to follow your story darling... Keep it up and I love the name.

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