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In The Eyes Of Destiny:an African Tale


Story about:princess search for a husband

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Publication: 09.12.2020 — 11.12.2020

Description of book "In The Eyes Of Destiny:an African Tale"

Princess Zara is said to be the most beautiful to ever exist but as beautiful as she is, she is also the heir to her father's throne as she is his only child and future Queen of the kingdom. The man she will marry is said to automatically become the next king of the kingdom of Okada but what they all do not know is that they have misread the signals of destiny because Zara as humble and beautiful as she is, is NOT destined to be the next queen of Okada...Somebody else is.

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Anupama Anil 17.12.2020, 18:26:08

I personally think that the last chapter was too short....anyway story is interesting..nice work

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NasheMel 17.12.2020, 20:21:32

Anupama Anil, thank you

Dariel Claire 09.12.2020, 14:09:09

Wow this story has a very well planned plot, lovin it !

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NasheMel 09.12.2020, 16:36:07

Dariel Claire, thank you that means a lot

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