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#424 in Romantic fantasy
#141 in LGBT

On Hold: 01 May 119 pages

Publication: 30.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Inbetween the Walls"

"I intend to bring you back. That’s my promise. I’ll switch our roles. I’ll die for you instead." That was the last thing wallowing in the blond's mind as he awoke from his depressive state. Under the guiding eyes of his teacher and master, he vowed to give up his impure life for his lover now passed.

Finally settling down in the bustling and raving city of New Cadel, Leto hopes to spend his days working. To his surprise, he is sent a message from an old yet familiar childhood friend. One he immediately leaps at the chance to meet. However, this reunion and nice feelings are short-lived as the dark-haired male is attacked by a large dog-like creature and saved narrowly by a flaming figure. Leto is immediately hit with a wave of confusion, and is immediately thrown into the world of magic


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