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Лилия Касмасова

Story about:
cool adventures, fantastic creatures, crazy heroine


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#5 in Urban fantasy
#20 in Humor

Complete 258 pages

Publication: 11.11.2019 — 16.11.2019

Description of book "Infernanny"

Alicia, 19 years old, lives in New York and works as a baby-sitter for the kids of vampires, werewolves, extraterrestrials... She works for the Corporation, which serves for and protects all nonhumans.
One day a stranger comes to Alicia - the ancient Greek god, Hermes and brings his little son-demigod, Peter.
Peter is kidnapped. Alicia can’t find his father Hermes and she don’t know who is his mother. The Сorporation agent Thomas helps to search the baby. (A very attractive agent, by the way.)
Who could kidnap Peter? Harpies, who eats the children of the gods to be immortal also, or his unknown mother, or the enemies of his father (who had cheated the extraterrestrials)? Or maybe vampires are involved in this?
(Sorry for my english, it's not perfect. I'm russian writer.)

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