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Ongoing: 02 May 17 pages

Publication: 02.05.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

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Description of book "Interval Of Love"

Unsatisfied with her life, her nature as a werewolf, and wanting something normal, something real. Jane David meets and falls in love with young Christopher Philips a human. Apart from learning to love and understand each other, they are faced with her mother's disapproval of the relationship and a secret that might threaten their ten years old relationship. Wanting more, Jane moves to Bellevue to build a life for herself, will she be contented with this and be bold enough to set her insecurity aside to tell him her secret?

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Emmanuel Job
06.05.2022, 23:27:38

Nice this story really got to me ?

Susan Ritse
07.05.2022, 07:09:36

Emmanuel Job, Thank you

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