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Book. "Intrepid: Being Happy" read online
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#112 in LGBT
#410 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 14 Jul 24 pages

Publication: 11.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Intrepid: Being Happy"

A guy in his early 20s leaves his miserable past behind, and ends up with a stranger he doesn't even know. Fate binds them together, as the guy doesn't even feel like they were strangers. The guy slowly realizes that the care, the love, the attention, and the kindness that he gets from his host, Mr. Sanders is very genuine and the guy really feels deeply for him. But the real question was, why? Why did a stranger decide to take care of him at his lowest? What connection did he have with him? And what more mysteries does this one relation lead to, when he finds out about his mom's sudden death?
Follow along on a journey of love, mysteries, and rediscovery. What links one action to the other? Would the slowburn love really take shape among the chaos of finding one's true self? Read Intrepid.


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