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Irresistible Invitations

S S Sahoo

Story about:mafia, love, mafia leader

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Ongoing: 23 Sep 451 pages

Publication: 10.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "Irresistible Invitations"

On the day of her marriage, Juliette Swanson's fiance was shot and she was abducted by her abductor and was forcefully married off to her abductor. On this ride, she gets to know that her abductor lives two lives. One as a successful businessman and when it turns dark, he is in mafia and into illegal weapons. Juliette's life turns darker as she continues hating her forceful husband who keeps her isolated from everyone but she is confused as she never abused or harmed under Zachary her now-husband. Soon, she finds the truth of her ex-fiance and gets to know that he was also a criminal linked with Zachary's past and her own family played with her and played a major role in her abduction. In this love-hate relation, Juliette gets to see new faces of people whom she thought were her savior.

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Cherry Loquias 24.09.2020, 01:19:03

wow....what happens next?pls. dont.let julliette go with alex chapter pls....and make it a bit more chapters...thank u

Mega Sun 23.09.2020, 12:34:45


Mega Sun 23.09.2020, 12:30:19


Mega Sun 23.09.2020, 12:29:44


Mega Sun 23.09.2020, 12:26:22

x factor for I have to q r iisaipan

A Durgaprashanti 19.09.2020, 15:53:35

ooo. wait a sec. it means she didn't lose her mermories......?

Vandana Karatagi 19.09.2020, 11:55:06

What a suspense....!!!!mindblowing...!!

SHILPA T N sundar 19.09.2020, 11:54:34

Omg!!!! they tricked Alex

Vishalakshi Raju 19.09.2020, 04:37:32

hello.... l didn't get the twist and what happen to past memory

Amarachi 19.09.2020, 03:23:08

I don’t understand the twist. Did she fake her death or get her memory back?

parvathy 94 18.09.2020, 17:27:06

did she get her memories back

Tess Golloso 18.09.2020, 17:07:27

Pls update more chapter author thanks.

tina.r 18.09.2020, 14:35:24

i did just happen at the end ????????????????????

Dhanashree Wadikar 18.09.2020, 13:54:23

is this just me or Juliet suddenly remembered her husband or am I missing any chapters

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 18.09.2020, 13:53:11

OMG did Juliet fake her death??

Neha Salokhe 18.09.2020, 12:58:31

Does Juliette remember that Zachery is her husband.. I'm perplexed on the last page of the story ..

Queen of Sheba 18.09.2020, 12:39:34

am c

Cherry Loquias 18.09.2020, 01:46:48

what a character zachary had...pity juliette never had a clue from her past

Vishalakshi Raju 17.09.2020, 18:40:00

This chapter is awesome❤️ and l want them together forever and please don't ruin them

Justina kambale 17.09.2020, 15:57:18


Cherry Loquias 16.09.2020, 00:50:23

i hope that zachary immediately take juliette from alexander lascar

Pinki Dubey 14.09.2020, 14:23:06

u forgot to write whose pov it is in ur recent update

Shiza Naeem 14.09.2020, 12:27:23

Soo far this story is a bit confusing

Cherry Loquias 12.09.2020, 12:36:42

hmmmm...too short cant get enough of the thrill

Shiza Naeem 12.09.2020, 12:33:44

I always wait for this update for the whole day

Josephine Maduagwu 11.09.2020, 20:05:36


Orji Christisna 11.09.2020, 12:26:58

Finally found. Am so happy

Shiza Naeem 11.09.2020, 12:12:15

Ahhh finally❤️❤️

Cherry Loquias 11.09.2020, 11:40:06

hmmmm...too short for a chapter....hehehehe...more please.......

cisca dion 11.09.2020, 11:20:17

Now, we are talking!!!!!
plssssssss more updates!!!!!

Dolly Mathur 10.09.2020, 20:38:35

second part

Cherry Loquias 10.09.2020, 14:09:48

what a thrill, i hold my breath while reading...hope for the next chapter soon...youre a good writer indeed...

Shiza Naeem 10.09.2020, 12:18:08

Please update this story more than chap

Divija Muppidi 09.09.2020, 14:09:03

OK. who are these Alex and Ivona??

Justina kambale 09.09.2020, 11:48:25

I feel like I can cry now, is Juliette still there

Justina kambale 09.09.2020, 09:19:21

i hope Zac should believe her, please update

Justina kambale 08.09.2020, 22:31:52

I do hope Zac will believe her

Michael Hunegnaw 08.09.2020, 21:12:58

what a twist!!! you are a truly remarkable writer. I can't wait to find out what happens next

Justina kambale 08.09.2020, 20:19:46

oh my gosh, Juliette is alive wow, am so happy

Jewel Kathambi 07.09.2020, 16:17:36

Love the book cant wait to continue but the sadness really gets me

Amure Halleluyah 07.09.2020, 14:10:17

Juliette is alive??!!!!!

tina.r 07.09.2020, 10:25:02

i want julliet back in the story, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tina.r 07.09.2020, 10:24:33

Comment has been deleted

cisca dion 06.09.2020, 11:21:58

Wow!!!!!!!! Pls can you update regularly? The suspense is becoming palpable....

Joyblesin Joyce 05.09.2020, 11:37:52

i can see the book was updated but I can't get the other part,I wish to read to the end

Payal Lad 05.09.2020, 11:24:25

please tell me juliet is not really dead..she will be back right??

Amure Halleluyah 05.09.2020, 09:37:07

jeez,just when I thought everything was finally going smoothly!!! Am really loving the twist.
can't wait for the update on the 2nd part.
Thanks for your hard work

Sally Chingangbam 04.09.2020, 16:18:20

I've been waiting for this" second series" eagerly ,but when I came to know 'Juliette death ' it breaks my heart , I don't want other woman to take " Juliette' place in Zachar's heart . I want both of them to start a family n do all good things but , this is too much for me to continue reading I'm too emotional. I want Juliette to be alive and come back for Zachary.

Rangeeta Yadav 02.09.2020, 12:09:13

I don't think juiliette should die
and also I don't want any new female lead plzz noo

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Sally Chingangbam 04.09.2020, 16:00:29

Rangeeta Yadav, I don't think I could , continue reading, really don't want Zachary to be without Juliette. plz

Palak Varshney 03.09.2020, 17:36:55

please update

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