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Irresistible Invitations

S S Sahoo

Story about:mafia, love, mafia leader

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Ongoing: 22 Sep 447 pages

Publication: 10.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "Irresistible Invitations"

On the day of her marriage, Juliette Swanson's fiance was shot and she was abducted by her abductor and was forcefully married off to her abductor. On this ride, she gets to know that her abductor lives two lives. One as a successful businessman and when it turns dark, he is in mafia and into illegal weapons. Juliette's life turns darker as she continues hating her forceful husband who keeps her isolated from everyone but she is confused as she never abused or harmed under Zachary her now-husband. Soon, she finds the truth of her ex-fiance and gets to know that he was also a criminal linked with Zachary's past and her own family played with her and played a major role in her abduction. In this love-hate relation, Juliette gets to see new faces of people whom she thought were her savior.

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Vandana Karatagi 01.09.2020, 17:42:35

Don't know what to say...! Heartbreaking!! Julliet can not die. ..certainly there are twists and turns in the tale...Well I can read all the chapters in a go if you upload...Ufff!! interesting!!!

Vishalakshi Raju 01.09.2020, 17:21:12

oh my gosh Juliette can't die

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 01.09.2020, 16:46:39

ooohhh nooo Juliet can't die now puffy eyes

Melpa Diana 01.09.2020, 15:39:02

Kisah cinta mereka membuat saya sedih. Tapi saya ingin tahu apa yang akan Anda sajikan selanjutnya.

Cherry Loquias 01.09.2020, 15:00:04

oh my...its heartbreaking

Leah Collins 01.09.2020, 10:01:17

Please update the second book. The wait is unbearable

Ashika Thakuri 01.09.2020, 08:41:19

Pllllzzzz update next series ?????I want to what happened next plllzzz

Neema Carmilla 26.08.2020, 21:30:35

What a sad ending

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S S Sahoo 01.09.2020, 08:39:59

Neema Carmilla, its not the ending

Parvinder Ghataurey 31.08.2020, 18:29:03

Plz update

S S Sahoo 26.08.2020, 20:55:04

I am thinking of updating the second series on this same book. It has only 30 chapters. I am waiting for a target. Please like and share the book to get more readers and I will be updating the second series immediately.

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Dhanashree Wadikar 30.08.2020, 11:21:27

S S Sahoo, please update soon

Cherry Loquias 29.08.2020, 03:01:20

cant wait for what happen next.....

pallavi ashish nagrale 28.08.2020, 14:21:57

why that story was incomplete.....what the she alive.....what about zac...... please i need to ko
know......please completed it

Jing Sabala 28.08.2020, 08:44:04

update pls.

Neha Salokhe 28.08.2020, 07:03:31

hey, when is the new book coming on board..

Sia bhardwaj 27.08.2020, 10:11:45

This was amazing.Really really amazing. Waiting for Irresistible love. Hope you will post it ASAP.

Hailey Swift 27.08.2020, 08:39:22

heyyyy big fan ya...... I hope it's worth the wait......and yes!!! you're an amazing writer when it comes to personification of protagonists....this is the one thing I loved the most about this book...and yep.. please do mention the date of the upcoming I can read it ASAP!

SHILPA T N sundar 26.08.2020, 20:11:36

Thanks for this amazing book.. I loved reading this book waiting for irresistible love update soon..

Marilyn Tupas 26.08.2020, 16:21:04

Just when I thought that everything is going well, the twist of the story pulled me down. Am looking forward to Irresistible Love soon

Shelley Minzel 26.08.2020, 15:53:30

when will the 2nd book be out?

Averyn Dev 26.08.2020, 15:14:17

Omg! That was a really tragic ending waiting to see what happens in the forthcoming book.
I really enjoyed reading this book.
Though I felt getting bored at first the book was really interesting as it neared the end. Thank you for the amazing read. Waiting for the next book. :)

Pinky Piano-Reg 26.08.2020, 14:49:20

Awouuch! Although the first book finished with sadness and thinking maybe the second book has lot more devastating context to read which gives me so much excitement but at same time frustration and full of speculation to whatever it goes. Moreover,Thanks for sharing your intellectual treasures. I'm glad I got to read it for free and purchased a copy. I hope that I can get another chance to read more of your second book please don't take it too long I'am waiting.

Jaya Krishna Kumar 26.08.2020, 14:11:22

Waiting eagerly for the next series. Please make it fast

Shiza Naeem 26.08.2020, 13:46:30

Ahhhh u just ended on a nice note...plz do write the series I can’t wait to read moreeee

Neom 26.08.2020, 12:50:42

oh no!!!

S S Sahoo 24.08.2020, 10:18:59


It has come to my notice that some readers are revealing some context and even some stuffs about the book without my permission. The thing is, if I want to reveal that, I will and if I am not revealing it then it means I dont want anyone to know.

So, if you see yourself getting blocked from commenting then know it that you crossed the line with me.

Please co-operate. I am updating everyday, anyways.

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Manasi Khamkar 26.08.2020, 12:48:07

S S Sahoo, where irresistible love can't see... and this chapter ❤️❤️

Maria Jose 26.08.2020, 12:17:47

cant wait for your next book

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 26.08.2020, 12:17:37

Great book! Can't wait for the next book

Vishalakshi Raju 26.08.2020, 12:16:52

I'm really sad for today's update

Jennifer Yuwa Iguma 26.08.2020, 11:45:55

Ohhh jeez, I pray Juliette doesn't die???, this chapter is so emotional

Pinky Piano-Reg 25.08.2020, 13:59:47

So sad, just one update today? Anyway, I'm excited for the up coming update.i hope that i'll be reading more twist and excitement about their relationship. I really love your story❤️ I want to buy a hard copy of it.

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The last comment in the thread:

Pinky Piano-Reg 25.08.2020, 15:23:30

S S Sahoo, Thanks! I’ll be getting one for additional collection as soon as I have been finish reading here, I don’t want spoiling my every day routine? I felt upset today to find out just only one update. However, i’am Looking forward for tomorrow as always. ?

Palak Varshney 25.08.2020, 15:09:44

please update

oeia zyd 25.08.2020, 14:19:01

Oh no!! Why on this part it has to be cut and wait for the next updates emotions has been cut off also..

Jaya Krishna Kumar 25.08.2020, 09:09:52

Author is brilliant enhoying everybit of your book. Nice idea of updating thrice a day as Im inquisitive to know more what comes up next

Lovely 25.08.2020, 03:55:21

Brilliant, fiery Juliette! I love her

26 X A Prashansa Das 24.08.2020, 15:34:55

I love triple update idea. I can't explain how much I want to give a big huge for this.

gus grace 24.08.2020, 14:13:15

is Kristian the secret admirer of kiara??just a guess

Jennifer Yuwa Iguma 24.08.2020, 13:46:56

Thank you for the triple update,you are amazing ??

Pinky Piano-Reg 24.08.2020, 13:15:27

Wow! Thanks for pleasing your readers, I'm one of your thousands readers who is gladly to agree with it and appriciate so much❤️ I love the whole story. Keep on writing?

Dinaz Kharadi 24.08.2020, 12:07:54

So far the story is good

Shiza Naeem 24.08.2020, 12:04:27

Ahhhh this will be a lovely thing can’t wait to read moreee

Patie Ndai 24.08.2020, 10:40:12

So so exciting. I love it

Deepthi Kris 24.08.2020, 10:36:01

love updates

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 24.08.2020, 09:26:25

Triple update? Yes! Yes! Yes! You are the best!

The last comment in the thread:

S S Sahoo 24.08.2020, 10:20:54

Comment has been deleted

26 X A Prashansa Das 23.08.2020, 18:10:21

Thanks for quick updates and I must say that I love you plotting style. ☺

Parvinder Ghataurey 23.08.2020, 17:23:04

Nice story.... I liked it

Mila Acosta 23.08.2020, 17:15:32

Love it! ❤❤❤ worth waiting for....stay safe!

Shiza Naeem 23.08.2020, 13:26:26

Ahhh I wait for this update the whole day....❤️Just love the update

Vandana Karatagi 23.08.2020, 10:25:15

Omg!!amazing's been interesting and captivating from the the end of the chapter it's always like.....what's gonna be next..completely hooked up!

Jaya Krishna Kumar 23.08.2020, 08:38:35

Enjoyed it thoroughly . Please update it

Pinky Piano-Reg 22.08.2020, 21:35:46

I’m so excited for the onward chapters! I really love reading it❤️ Please update more chapter every day. Thanks!

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