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Irresistible Invitations

S S Sahoo

Story about:mafia, love, mafia leader

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Ongoing: 21 Sep 441 pages

Publication: 10.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "Irresistible Invitations"

On the day of her marriage, Juliette Swanson's fiance was shot and she was abducted by her abductor and was forcefully married off to her abductor. On this ride, she gets to know that her abductor lives two lives. One as a successful businessman and when it turns dark, he is in mafia and into illegal weapons. Juliette's life turns darker as she continues hating her forceful husband who keeps her isolated from everyone but she is confused as she never abused or harmed under Zachary her now-husband. Soon, she finds the truth of her ex-fiance and gets to know that he was also a criminal linked with Zachary's past and her own family played with her and played a major role in her abduction. In this love-hate relation, Juliette gets to see new faces of people whom she thought were her savior.

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advithiyasiri 20.08.2020, 10:53:52

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advithiyasiri 22.08.2020, 19:14:35

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Lucy Lu Nina 22.08.2020, 16:15:17

Omg this was great awesome work darling love this chapters keep up the great work.

Leah Collins 22.08.2020, 12:33:28

Awwww.Zachary missed her too.

farhanatu abubakar 22.08.2020, 12:17:59

please update sooner, and I don't understand why you update one chapter when you use to update two.

Maria Jose 22.08.2020, 11:31:46

its exciting, thanks for the updates

26 X A Prashansa Das 22.08.2020, 08:28:47

Waiting for updates

Nayab Akbar 21.08.2020, 22:29:18

Orji Christisna 21.08.2020, 21:36:27

Hope Julie is not pregnant?

Orji Christisna 21.08.2020, 21:36:24

Hope Julie is not pregnant?

Pen and paper 21.08.2020, 19:50:42

I've read a plethora of novels saying that love is pretty painful.. and so is here... please please let this pain between Zac and Juliette be cured... please let them confess to each other... and please update.... literally can't get wait for what will happen next... it's too annoying to wait ( only in my case..cuz I literally hate waiting..;) )

Pen and paper 21.08.2020, 19:12:37

please let Juliette tell Zac her feelings..

Leah Collins 21.08.2020, 16:36:59

Please tell me Juliette tells Zac she loves him. You're totally keeping us in suspense.

Baghiii 21.08.2020, 15:40:24

I love the story and you keep the end of the chapter with great suspense..., which makes us wait for the next episode ...

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 21.08.2020, 14:44:03

Oh my god! My heart shattered to million pieces for zach.

Pinky Piano-Reg 21.08.2020, 14:13:56

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Jennifer Yuwa Iguma 21.08.2020, 12:26:16

Your story is amazinggggg

Maribel Garcia 21.08.2020, 11:56:05

I like the story waiting for the next chapter

norhana 21.08.2020, 10:59:43

Best..bestt...superb story

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 21.08.2020, 10:50:32

Time for those "private picnic"

Amarachi 20.08.2020, 20:21:07


Mary Tanzo 20.08.2020, 08:45:16

I love the story

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oeia zyd 20.08.2020, 18:30:29

Mary Tanzo, When normally they are updating it?

farhanatu abubakar 19.08.2020, 16:47:05

wow!! I'm curious to know if Juliette is going to confess her feelings to Zachary, amazing writing love you and looking forward to read the next chapter.

Pinki Dubey 19.08.2020, 09:59:50

all the words she is speaking to herself could be written in italics or something else rather than repeating after every few sentences that she spoke to herself. it isn't attractive

norhana 19.08.2020, 08:20:25

Love the story..

Cherry Loquias 19.08.2020, 04:05:24

very exciting story...cant wait for the next chapter....

oeia zyd 18.08.2020, 19:39:52

Waiting for it madly..cant wait what will happen next:)

ANKITA KUNDER 18.08.2020, 12:12:57

Woah woah

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 18.08.2020, 10:21:46

Finally! Have some pity for the girl man. We girls need some release too haha

Vishalakshi Raju 18.08.2020, 10:04:44

woah this chapter is lovely ❤️

ANKITA KUNDER 18.08.2020, 09:16:31

Nice story. Enjoying reading your book. Waiting eagerly for the next update

Vishalakshi Raju 17.08.2020, 18:32:45

awesome story❤️ you're doing really great with the story and keep going on

Cherry Loquias 17.08.2020, 17:15:49

waiting for the next chapter....plssss

Baghiii 17.08.2020, 16:22:22

I really like the story... it's too good...

Cherry Loquias 17.08.2020, 10:33:34

love the story.....

Ayushi Gupta 17.08.2020, 09:49:30

update plz❤️

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 16.08.2020, 20:37:18

this chapter got me smiling. I'm enjoying what's going on between the two

Sally Chingangbam 16.08.2020, 17:45:59

God I just love this so much , Zachary turns out to be the cool n romantic guy/ husband , I just wish them to feel for each other...... m so excited , this story feels so real ... S S sahoo you did make me happy , thank you

Shiza Naeem 16.08.2020, 13:30:13

Just loveeeee this story

sadaf 16.08.2020, 13:28:44

Oooohhhhh writer writes like a fire.....

Siri 15.08.2020, 20:15:15

sahoo there's magic in your hands

SHILPA T N sundar 15.08.2020, 13:54:33

Thanks for the early updates!!!! love your work keep going

Palak Varshney 15.08.2020, 12:24:09

i am happy that you are update two times in a day

Tess Golloso 15.08.2020, 03:09:20

Hi author pls update more chapter thanks..❤️❤️

Hailey Swift 13.08.2020, 09:17:17

big fan! Sahoo....I loved the plot....and the way you picturised the protagonists....this is such a dilemma for both of them.......and literally....this keeps me bound to this book....and obviously upcoming updates....
"*please do update the story more often so that we may not lose interest in it....*".....- a polite request from a 17 year old fan of yours ... please...miss Sahoo

Oluchi Innocent 12.08.2020, 14:33:06

Eagerly waiting for the next update, nice story.

Palak Varshney 12.08.2020, 13:26:30

can't wait for next update

Leah Collins 11.08.2020, 13:36:33

What happens next? You're keeping us in suspense.

Palak Varshney 11.08.2020, 12:22:43


Manasi Khamkar 08.08.2020, 14:16:43

hahaha I wonder what will happen after the silly act

Manasi Khamkar 08.08.2020, 06:23:20

in love the Mafia... wow penned down so well ... waiting eagerly

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