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Book. "Is it Love?" read online

Is it Love?


Story about:forced marriage desire and obsession

Age restriction: 18+

53 1074

#74 in Romantic mystery
#100 in Suspense

On Hold: 15 Oct 28 pages

Publication: 02.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Is it Love?"

I could taste the metallic taste of blood

This did not make him stop his assaults as he kept on kissing and biting my neck hard

He then proceeded towards my cleavage and mauled my br**sts with his free hand

He kept on sucking my cleavage making me whimper in pain

He was so into the kiss that his grip on my hands loosened taking that as an opportunity I pushed him away and slapped him hard
It took him a few minutes to comprehend what happened
He was so shocked
My eyes widened but I quickly composed myself as he deserved it
"J-just for my body y-you threatened my family y-you are a monster I hate you u can have my body but you will never ever have my heart and soul"

"You can only r*pe your own wife force yourself on me as l know you are a coward but you can never make place in my heart"


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shreya dubey
15.10.2022, 21:12:00

Eagerly waiting for the next update

Amrita Koul
15.10.2022, 19:29:34

thanks for the update.may Mr rathore will help u

Amrita Koul
15.10.2022, 08:10:55

please update

Amrita Koul
12.10.2022, 04:54:13

awesome.waiting for next update

23.09.2022, 22:06:10

wowwwww this book is amazing , im waiting for the update , pls do soon

Ahsi Abi
15.09.2022, 20:54:24

Thank u so much for the update Author

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