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Is It Love Jake: Book 1


Series: Is It Love Jake Series

Story about:drugs, love and betrayal, fbi

Age restriction: 18+

318 6668

#19 in Fanfiction
#192 in Romantic suspense

Complete 331 pages

Publication: 27.09.2020 — 27.09.2020

Description of book "Is It Love Jake: Book 1"

Jake Stewart is an ex-special forces operative working as Ryan Carter's body guard and driver. Unbeknownst to Mr.Carter, Jake is also working undercover for the FBI; hired to find out whose been laundering drug money through Carter Cooperations. His investigation leads him to Brian Martinez an accountant at the company.

For a while, his infiltration into Brian's intimate circle of friends seemed impossible, until Brian's sister, Devan Martinez moves back to New York. Her history with Daryl Ortega, a recently acquired FBI informant, puts Devan on Jake's radar as his way in; and it puts her on the FBI's radar as a potential suspect. When Jake falls for her, will he be able to do the job he was hired to do or will his love for her interfere with his investigation?


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Fourier Karen
15.08.2021, 00:37:03

My girl is playing fire!! She have to choose that not good at all!! She will burn badly!!

Ifunanya Judith
28.01.2021, 00:18:20

the story is interesting but you are repeating some chapters when you are writing characters point of view

28.01.2021, 01:33:06

Ifunanya Judith, It was designed that way so you can experience what each character was going though during the situation. As the book continues though, it’s less and less.

Ifunanya Judith
24.01.2021, 23:26:41

Devan is so annoying. She is confused about who she wants to be with.

24.01.2021, 23:37:17

Ifunanya Judith, LOL!!! She never really dealt with her last so it’s impossible to move forward without doing it. Daryl was everything to her and she left a lot of things unfinished. Jake she showing her a new world (or so she thinks) and it’s appealing to her. She will soon learn she can’t have her cake and eat it too!

Ifunanya Judith
21.01.2021, 15:09:22

wow, am thinking Jake planned this attack on Devan as a way to get close to her, by saving her from the douchebag

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