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Is It Love Jake: Book 2


Series: Is It Love Jake Series

Story about:love, love triangle, love and betrayal

Age restriction: 18+

300 4917

#660 in Romantic erotica
#209 in Fanfiction

Complete 348 pages

Publication: 27.09.2020 — 26.11.2020

Description of book "Is It Love Jake: Book 2"

It's been 2 weeks since Devan found out that Jake is now working for Daryl; two weeks since she's seen either of them. What will happen when she shows up to Daryl's party just to be confronted by someone from her past? Will the two men that she loves the most be able to protect her?


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readable stuff
23.08.2021, 18:37:58

this is so unfair. just hate jake for being selfish... twisting everything for him... when will she realised the fact!! or it will remain hidden forever!!!

readable stuff
23.08.2021, 21:37:08

Growingvogue, tq for the response! u just made me so happy. i m so engross with this story. have not checked any other stories...

Ifunanya Judith
30.01.2021, 23:32:01

i wonder who the father of this baby is, when she has been consciously sleeping with two men. What a fool she is, sorry to say

Ifunanya Judith
31.01.2021, 15:30:54

Growingvogue , Am always team Jake.

Ifunanya Judith
30.01.2021, 19:58:01

I hope Devan knows that she can not eat her cake and have it. She is taking Jake's love for granted. How can she be blinded by lust for Darly and not know that Darly is possessive and selfish. She just sees Jake as a fuck buddy and a rebound for Darly. This is painful.

Paola Franco
08.12.2020, 22:07:02

Una bellissima storia. Quando esce il terzo libro?

09.12.2020, 00:30:02

Paola Franco, Gracias! ¡Comenzaré a publicar capítulos mañana!

09.12.2020, 00:29:50

Gracias! ¡Comenzaré a publicar capítulos mañana!

Vera Akpomie
30.11.2020, 11:10:03

Love this story, but it's taking long to end. And I hope Daryl and Devan get a happy ending.

30.11.2020, 14:59:11

Vera Akpomie, Thank you! What about Jake? LOL!

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