Book. "Is this Love or Tragedy? " read online

Is this Love or Tragedy?

Katherine Scarlett

Story about:love, tragedy, billionare

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On Hold: 04 Nov 10 pages

Publication: 21.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Is this Love or Tragedy? "

Laura Wilson is the granddaughter of Smith Wilson, the owner of Wilson group of industry's. Arthur Vincent is Laura's childhood friend whose father works under Smith Wilson. Cause of a certain incident they have went their own separate ways. Now ten years have passed Laura is now a grown up lady and Arthur is a handsome young man. Because of some circumstances Arthur decides to come back to his hometown and he unknowingly transferred to the same school as Laura what will be the outcome of this encounter will they fall in love or this will will turn out to be a Tragedy? Will they have a Happy ending? What will be the end for both of them?


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