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It Started At The Bus Stop

Sheetal Dubey

Story about:love, teenfiction, humor

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#5199 in Romance
#620 in Young adult

On Hold: 15 Apr 14 pages

Publication: 09.04.2020 — ...

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Description of book "It Started At The Bus Stop"

Seventeen years old, Sherline Emerson is trying to be as happy as her inner chaos let her. She's trying her best to be a teenage girl who wants to complete her highschool and enjoy her life with her family and friends.

But it's harder to do than try when "that" day still haunts her in the night till this day.

Braxton Roosevelt moved to a new place in the hope of new beginnings, for himself and his little brother. With a new school, he wants to start a new life.

But it doesn't always go as you plan, does it?

When these two people cross paths on the Bus Stop they don't even know how much changes they're going to bring in each other's lives.

It's only a matter of time until they realize if these changes are good for their lives or for the worst like never before.

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Nishtha Ganeriwal
16.04.2020, 10:29:41

Loving the book. waiting for new chapterssss

Nishtha Ganeriwal
16.04.2020, 07:36:24

thank youuuu

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