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Book. "It's Too Late to Apologize" read online

It's Too Late to Apologize

Isaac Fae

Story about:story about family love trials

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#211 in Short stories
#103 in Suspense

On Hold: 31 Dec 31 pages

Publication: 14.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "It's Too Late to Apologize"

Zoé had always wondered if all families were like her's. Was there someone's dad there who left the house and didn't return for days,looked at his wife like he was doing her a favour providing a roof for her and her children.. her children,it was only her children. she always wondered if her mother reproduced herself without the help of her so called husband.
To everyone the Balogun's was a perfect family but you can't judge the book by it's cover,her family was far from being perfect,her life was far from being normal,at the end the apologies did not matter. She had lost a lot and nothing could bring back the life she had always yearned for.. no need for apologies after all


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Isaac Fay
06.02.2023, 22:36:07

Zoe's a lost child trying to find her way

Isaac Fae
29.12.2022, 17:22:58

nice story

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