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Book. "Jana & Angel 3" read online

Jana & Angel 3

Amber M Kestner

Series: A Girl For Her

Story about:lesbian, lesbianfiction, lesbianromance

Age restriction: 18+

3 17

#1616 in Romance
#45 in LGBT

Complete 49 pages

Publication: 26.01.2023 — 26.01.2023

Description of book "Jana & Angel 3"

Angel Knight is now Annabel Thomas, she has to make the right choice that could cost her everything including with Jana. Angel wasn't going to lose her fiancee in this battle with Scarlett, she will not be Mrs. Annabel Thomas for the rest of her life. Angel loves her fiance and kids this time no one will stop her love for destiny in Kansas.
Jana is raising her kids on her very own but one thing she misses is her true love Angel Nicole Knight, they were going to plan a wedding and everything until Scarlett took Angel. Jana has plans to rescue Angel but it will take time away from the kids.
Can Angel survive Scarlett's wrath and go back to her love?
Would Jana move if she can't get her love back?


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