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Alizey, a newly Muslim girl living a life undercover from her paternal family, with her sister and mother. They had survived through many hardships after her father's death. But what will happen when a sudden wedding invitation will arrive at their doorstep? More appropriately it was a proposal for a family reunion. Will life be easy on them or there will be another hardship waiting for them with open arms?

But how long can she live a life of secrecy when she had been engaged to her Uncle's son before her father's death.

Dawood, a practising Muslim and family-oriented, caring young man, who was sent away from his family and her for the sake of his betterment. What will be his reaction when Alizey will again unwillingly step into his life? Will he fell in love or hate her more?

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Bhola h Kerketa 14.01.2021, 12:28:11

Did the boy name is dawood you, know na whose name is it?

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