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Book. "'jeon Triples Obsession '(werewolf)||jjk||" read online

'jeon Triples Obsession '(werewolf)||jjk||

Sofy Hian

Story about:supernatural, aplphamate, jjk

Age restriction: 18+

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#17 in Fanfiction
#1115 in Romance

Complete 47 pages

Publication: 20.07.2022 — 20.07.2022

Description of book "'jeon Triples Obsession '(werewolf)||jjk||"

3 triples Jeon Brothers, who are ruthless, merciless, heartless, Alphas, use girls for pleasure. They are very powerful, They are known as the No:1 business tycoons & Royal mafia in front of the human world & Alpha Kings in front of werewolf world. Jeon Brothers are very close & their bond is pure & that' why Moon Goddess give them one mate Choi Y/n.
They don't believe in love bcz of their dark past but they change their mind after they see her, their mate. She melt their stone hearts. Choi y/n is a normal traditiona village girl, she is living there since her birth.

Will they accept her as their mate or not?


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03.12.2022, 09:01:34

I had already read all your stories on wattpad. they are amazing

Sofy Hian
08.12.2022, 19:20:42

chahat, tysm..sweety

Ta-Tanita Parker
26.09.2022, 11:10:53

LOVEEEEED THIS BOOK... will read this again

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