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Jessica Thompson as That Girl


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Description of book "Jessica Thompson as That Girl"

Jessica Thompson is an everyday average gal.

Who happens to have a very popular twin brother.

Who also happens to be some-what friends with the most popular guy at school who's girlfriend often shoots mental bullets at her.

And she also happens to make the hit list of the notorious bad boy.

But, that's it.

Everything else is pretty much normal.

Neglecting the fact that the bad boy is sleeping over nearly every night and the popular some-what friend continuously hit on her.

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Annie 28.07.2020, 15:04:32

ur book is really interesting and i am enjoying it a lot and it's been a week u plz update it soon dear

Thaakirah Gatab 28.07.2020, 12:33:32

when is our next update

chika Nwanze 22.07.2020, 23:13:34

I really can't wait for the next chapter...this book is too good❤❤❤

afreen skafreen 22.07.2020, 07:10:13

Update please....

Vintage 20.07.2020, 14:18:51

Hi dear. Please make out time to check on my books
I promise... You won't regret it follow me and like my book... Feel free to comment on it as well,hope you enjoy the story as i keep posting updates. Thanks❤, would really appreciate it if you do

Ann Evlyn 18.07.2020, 07:41:26

Thank you so much for the update ❤️❤️❤️??I love Jess and jax❤️❤️

Ann Evlyn 17.07.2020, 12:46:37

When will you be able to update

Thaakirah Gatab 16.07.2020, 22:19:15

please update soon can't wait to read more of this exciting book

Annie 16.07.2020, 17:58:51

update soon plz!!!!!

Ann Evlyn 16.07.2020, 12:11:56

Come on Quinn here ur fans pleas

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 16.07.2020, 10:05:44

Update please!!!

Ann Evlyn 16.07.2020, 08:21:02

Update plzzzzzz❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Annie 15.07.2020, 18:23:38

hey, u are really an excellent your book a lot! ! ! update soon plz..

Adhya Mehta 15.07.2020, 11:34:56

when is the next update??

Ann Evlyn 14.07.2020, 13:31:19

Cant wait plz update soon

Izzy 14.07.2020, 06:16:09

Woah, this book is brilliant! You’re a fantastic writer and I love your style! Definitely one of the best books I’ve read here :) excited for more!

Lakshmibala Menon 11.07.2020, 19:22:52

Wow! Come on Quinn, we so need the rest of the story. One of the best stories I've read on Booknet.

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 11.07.2020, 11:45:44

Hahaha!!!..Jax and Jess are a real match.

Ann Evlyn 11.07.2020, 05:59:51

Waiting Quinn❤️....

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 10.07.2020, 10:16:40

I really like your story, it so full.of humour I really like Jess character, so bold and very diplomatic in handling situation and so forthwrite.

Susan Kirkham Alcorn 09.07.2020, 22:01:14

thoroughly enjoyed the first 10 chapters. cannot wait for updateds

Ann Evlyn 09.07.2020, 07:38:57

Quinn this book is so interesting ❤️it u r awesome writer. Hope you will be able to update continously plzz stay safe❤️

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