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Book. "Jogging Memories" read online

Jogging Memories

Tony Spencer

Story about:amnesia, infidelity, drama

Age restriction: 18+

13 86

#203 in Contemporary fiction
#80 in Romantic mystery

Complete 228 pages

Publication: 08.07.2022 — 27.07.2022

Description of book "Jogging Memories"

A jogger in his mid-50s, Tommy Barlow, is recovering in hospital from a four-day medically-induced coma, after being found without identification, beaten up and left for dead. When he wakes from his coma he believes he is 23, his last memory, popping down the shops for milk and cigarettes for his wife Sally. Tommy cannot recall the last 32 years. Seven years after he disappeared, Sally declared Tommy dead and remarried, emigrating with a son he'd never seen to Australia.
Now a stranger, Jennifer Morris, comes forward saying she's the mother of Bob Morris's three teenage children, Tom, JJ and Tigger, and she wants her husband back home.
A contemporary drama in 21 episodes.


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stephaniah julius
23.07.2022, 01:47:56

omg .. as usual I love this chapter
thank you

stephaniah julius
21.07.2022, 12:05:09

wow .. that was crazy , like I feel bad for Bob and Emma...
thanks for the update dearest, thumbs up

stephaniah julius
20.07.2022, 14:40:08

i always can't wait to just read the updates... love this chapter Soo much .. thanks dearest

stephaniah julius
19.07.2022, 08:43:29

I just don't know what to say but it's so emotional, for the get together again..for Ann it's such an emotional thing for her I can imagine how she felt,
thank you for the update dearest.. thumbs up

stephaniah julius
18.07.2022, 09:54:36

I can't wait for the next chapter .. love this novel so much. . thanks dearest author
thumbs up

stephaniah julius
18.07.2022, 13:52:37

Tony Spencer, alright ... thanks for the update dearest

stephaniah julius
18.07.2022, 13:51:43

love this update.. thanks

stephaniah julius
18.07.2022, 08:50:10

omg.. wow!! I've started reading this book since yesterday and I know I won't stop until I finish reading it.. so interesting and funny
thank dearest author

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