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Book. "Journey Into Intentionality Of A Woman" read online

Journey Into Intentionality Of A Woman


Story about:womanhood, intentionality, individuality

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#127 in Non-fiction
#127 in Non-fiction

Complete 136 pages

Publication: 12.07.2022 — 12.07.2022

Description of book "Journey Into Intentionality Of A Woman"

Beyond biology, morphology; epistemology of form, firmament; ontology of typology; there is a landscape, of probabilities of self; a novel and alternative intentionality. Is that you? There are dimensionalities, on the other side of populism of feminine frontiers and individuality of womanhood. Step in to probe the pandemic of pathologies of perceptions in scammed cultures. Say hello to a new you.Labeling, objectification, insinuations of inferiority and subjugation; as a woman, you faced them all. You’ve been made to believe ‘realities’ about your personhood, against your discretion. You felt conflicted, consternated, even violated handling ‘dualism’ of your womanhood? Dump them; journey your true realities, potentials, as a woman, human with 21st century Science of Self & Intentionality.


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