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Just Arranged!

Shana G

Series: Arranged to love

Story about:love, arranged marriage, humor

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Ongoing: 19 Sep 10 pages

Publication: 25.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Just Arranged!"

Aaron x Ai
A contract marriage and a fake marriage, which supposedly existed only in movies and dramas, high society people were really absurd, she thought when her best friends' married with conditions and now in front of her was a hot Italian billionaire proposing to her for marriage but she never thought that she'd be the one making conditions.

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KKhushi Makhija 21.09.2020, 18:54:34

Ahhhhh..... updates are so late???why??

bs shruthi 20.09.2020, 20:51:15

Where can I read contract marriage story ?

SHILPA T N sundar 20.09.2020, 07:42:54

please give us more updates!!!! I'm loving this story

Kavya Illipilli 05.09.2020, 10:46:56

waiting for the update... love u r writings

cutedevil 02.09.2020, 21:24:13

uuuuhhh Our Gramps intervening again. Definitely something interesting is going to happen.

Geetanjali Sachdeva 02.09.2020, 21:20:37

This is going to be interesting one...Nice chapter

Qween Glory 29.08.2020, 12:05:28

everyone deserves a happy ending

cutedevil 25.08.2020, 15:51:35

haha one does contract marriage another fake
can't wait to see what other best friend does....

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