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a love story, just me, fighing your feelings


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Publication: 04.06.2020 — 04.06.2020

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hope and Dylan have gone through alot hope thinks that she's going through all these things bye her self when will she realize it's not just her? and some people love her and aren't trying to hurt her.

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Laisa Tikomaimaleya 25.06.2020, 10:17:30

This is a great story. Love the characters esp the twins.
Cant wait to read the next part...awsome!

Luna 08.06.2020, 10:13:16

OMG, love the book!! Put up the next one already.

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morganthewriter 08.06.2020, 10:18:22

Luna, I'm glad you like it and the next one is coming soon❤

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