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Ongoing: 25 Oct 20 pages

Publication: 17.10.2020 — ...

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Liam Grayson was a broken guy who drinks and smoke in order to get away from his worries and pain, the word 'love' was never in his dictionary because he believed that love is a pain in the ass.
He's attitude and behavior began to changed when he met Kiara Logan, a painter and a fighter, an inspiration to his life. He was influenced by her goodness, generosity, caring heart and discovered that he was actually falling in love with her where by Kiara wasn't ready to fall in love with anyone yet.

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Isaac Jacob 26.10.2020, 23:39:35

Ya Liam u like her

Isaac Jacob 26.10.2020, 23:25:10

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Isaac Jacob 19.10.2020, 09:40:35

Nice one??

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Cecilia Mkpokporo, thanks dear

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