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Book. "Kim Neon And Yen Li's Love Story" read online

Kim Neon And Yen Li's Love Story

Syanja J

Story about:love and destiny, dreams and romance, happy ending with true love

30 213

#2967 in Romance
#1032 in Billionaires

On Hold: 05 Jun 12 pages

Publication: 04.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Kim Neon And Yen Li's Love Story"

Having big dreams in her eyes she entered the new world. She is one of them who sacrifices everything for their dreams. Yen Li started her career with a big break and got a chance to work with the heartbeat of teenagers and young adults, none other than Kim Neon, a very successful actor and famous all over the world. Her sweet and cute behaviour attracted the young man, but his cold behaviour and arrogant attitude made Yen Li distance herself from him. Kim Neon always protects her without acknowledging her whenever she is in trouble.

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Guk Ja
16.06.2022, 18:14:59

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