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Description of book "Kindred Souls"

“You’re also kind of hot” he said with a sly grin , causing her to grind her teeth.
“Believe me , I don't have the patience to take your crap “ she said in the calmest way possible , annoyed at herself for letting him get under her skin.
“ I have all the patience in the world to take yours , though “ he replied with so much sincerity that she was almost considering his request when he continued “Cause you're so hot oof”
“Get out” She snapped.
“Only if you let me get in firs-“
“Take him out , now!” She barked out to the guards near the door.

Vinitia's badass, smart and strong. Everything that makes a great mafia leader
But she’s also cynical, jaded and reckless.

Callisto's in the game for money , fun and strength.
And he’s impulsive and reckless , but sincere.
They stay , they love.


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