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On Hold: 16 May 6 pages

Publication: 02.04.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Kiss From a Rose"

Leo was one of the few that were cast into the abyss, but later they were given a thousand years to take up human form and live among humans before they would be thrown into the lake that burned with sulphur. In that period, he had to find the human girl he had marked at birth.
Would she love him for what he was more so knowing what fate had in store for him?

Ruby was a beautiful girl in her early twenties, outspoken and bipolar.
She always fantasized about meeting the love of her life but whenever she did, she would end up having nightmares.
And then there was that scar on the left side of her waist not so far from her umbilical cord, it looked like a tooth mark, she just wanted answers to her many questions


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