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Author's suggestions : A story for old world romance lovers . With poetry and shayaris , ofcourse written by ME ! ( MY ORIGINAL WORK ) . Quality writing . Each word woven with leisure and patience just for the love of writing . If you are not a native Indian , worry not I enjoyed translating 'shayaris' .
Witness the journey of two strangers who meet in unexpected situations , and become each other's strength ?❤️

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kidlexie 25.02.2021, 23:53:47

Interesting story...I can't wait to find out why was she nervous.

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Avishka Harrish 26.02.2021, 06:53:26

kidlexie, Thank you : )

Jyoti Maurya 21.02.2021, 06:36:03

I am loving the beginning of the story and I really want to know why she was nervous..
waiting for the next update eagerly.
All the best for this book .
and thank you for mentioning me :)

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Avishka Harrish 21.02.2021, 06:39:53

jyoti maurya, Thanks a lot to your support dear ! I'm lucky to have a you ! you are just an amazing person : )

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