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Law And Order

Oluwatosin melody

Story about:
law, order, justice


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Description of book "Law And Order"

A country ruled by the rich and powerful elite called the six feathers. Their preys we're the weak and poor, nobody could question them because they held more power than the president of the country but............ Someone decided to bring them to justice.

Jeremy akinsola, a lawyer who had a tragic event in the past planned his revenge for years and how to bring the six feathers to justice. Along the line he met Lara Johnson a detective who believes in justice and order for the weak, Alongside his trusted friend and bodyguard yomi, Lisa his personal assistant, Mary a reporter and James a criminalistic.

Jeremy and his new alliances fight to find justice for all who have being involved with six feathers.

Will they succeed? Will they bring law and order to the country?.

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Dora_the_explorer 09.08.2020, 15:39:05

Can't wait to read the actual story!

Dora_the_explorer 09.08.2020, 15:36:14

That's a great idea! I'm a Nigerian btw

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When will you add more?

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