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Lawful Love of Mafia

Author NK

Story about:forbidden love, mafialove

Age restriction: 18+

20 19

#501 in Romantic suspense
#669 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 02 May 2 pages

Publication: 02.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Lawful Love of Mafia "

Evander's love was lawful but for the person he fell, his obligate love turned forbidden.
There she comes to unveil him like a wild wind,
With motive to destroy him till his end,
But a wind stronger than her blowed them together
She was alone in her world with a dysfunctional family,
But strong enough to survive everything without any weakness
Then he made her weak, giving birth to unknown feelings
Forgetting who they were, they still came close
She knew it was wrong, it was wrong to love an enemy
And then she became his need to live
But there's a barrier between his need, named 'Identity'
Will they be able to hide their identity??


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Vishwa Dholakia
03.05.2021, 13:52:26

It would be really interesting to see their Forbidden love. You have really found an amazing topic

Vishwa Dholakia
03.05.2021, 13:51:50

When will you update second chapter author!

Vishwa Dholakia
02.05.2021, 19:50:01

Evander is so great

Vishwa Dholakia
02.05.2021, 19:49:45

The story is so beautiful, and I am really excited to read more

Vishwa Dholakia
02.05.2021, 19:49:19

I hope this story wins the contest

Vishwa Dholakia
02.05.2021, 19:48:33

I wish you get the most amazing success in your life. I wish you achieve this contest

Vishwa Dholakia
02.05.2021, 19:47:30

My mafia is so amazing

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