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Publication: 01.07.2020 — 07.03.2021

Description of book "Let me Hate you"

Ever wonder how your supposed best day of life will turn into a lifelong nightmare. Two people, two different worlds yet bound by the same emotion, "HATE" and "same loved ones". Marriage is intended to be an eternal bond filled with love and happiness. This was far from the truth for Asmaira and Amaan. Two broken souls entangle in the game of destiny which ended their dream of everlasting love.

For one, it was a journey of regret which she has to live for the rest of her life. But why?.

For other, he was forced yet he promised to seek revenge for sure., for seeking "Her" place. Who is Amaan referring to as "Her"?

Who is this "loved ones" that connects both Asmara and Amaan and why do they hate each other so much without even meeting each other?


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Sangita Haldar
30.03.2021, 15:58:34

really great story.amaan and ashi r like real.

fe balais halili
26.03.2021, 06:52:47

i continue read this story yp to the end promise

Charul Rathore
25.03.2021, 19:52:51

Hey author i have gone through the payment procedure but still I am unable to access the book tell me what to do????

25.03.2021, 18:31:36

Charul Rathore, Dont worry. Just contact booknet support n they will sort out ur problem.

Manasi Khamkar
25.03.2021, 16:25:05

i am confused is this a new book ?? please correct me

25.03.2021, 18:03:22

Manasi Khamkar, This is first book in hate series followed by I hate you too and vow to hate you.

Charul Rathore
25.03.2021, 19:50:06

Comment has been deleted

Hamd Shaikh
19.03.2021, 04:01:25

nd 2nd thing u described in the beginning how Asmaira's father is so strict that he doesn't even want their daughter to apply make up then how Raina not shy to wear backless blouse nd she didn't feel shy to show her curves if she raised by such strict father, being bold is different nd wearing revealing clothes is different...these 2 doubts really popped up in my stupid mind that's y am asking sorry in advance for my doubts but I am really curious to know d reason..

Hamd Shaikh
19.03.2021, 04:00:45

well I have some doubt about few scenes which I really wanna ask. Shopping chapter in which u hv shown Amaan forcefully bought sleeveless clothes nd skirts which could shows her legs nd all for her nd in party scene u hv shown how he was annoyed bcoz Raina never sheid away to flaunt her curves so my doubt is he really wants Asmaira to wear those clothes for office to look presentable or he did to make her suffer or irritate bcoz how u described his family that they hv prayer room in their house nd how they all were against of Amaan's alcohol habit it seems dat they r rich nd liberal but still follow their religion nd no women from their family wear such clothes even Amaan doesn't seem to be a person who wants his woman to wear such clothes(well sleeveless clothes r nit revealing but skirts are revealing)..

Hamd Shaikh
19.03.2021, 03:58:37

well about Amaan'a character every one seems to hate him but his hatred towards Asmaira was not wrong bcoz he saw himself how Raina'a family treated with Raina how Aamaira talked with her on phone when she was on her death bed well that's not justify his actions toward Asmaira..And one thing I really wanted to c in story is Asmaira become lil strong woman nd give tough time to Amaan when he got to know d truth I was expecting him to apologise to her for his misdeeds in d story but again Asmaira's Character disappointed me she gave herself very easily to him without his apology nd repentance..but again what u hv written is reality of life nd I can't deny it...

Hamd Shaikh
19.03.2021, 03:56:34

Dear writer I really want to appreciate u for this story as u mentioned in ur book this is ur first story for me this story is a complete family drama well I want to be lil honest here actually I have read this kind of stories in urdu novels plz I don't wanna offend u am just saying what I read but still I like the storyline. So I really wanna give honest review here for others maybe Asmaira is poor soul she suffered a lot but I don't like such women who lives on others mercy, who silently tolerate all d harassment from her husband nd husband's family(talking about mehwish) nd still live with that person y am saying is coz I hv seen such things in my family nd I hate it I always want to read or watch stories who has fierce women who take stand for themselve that's y I like Raina's character more if I would c myself there I wouldn't live there even for a kid nd Mehwish's character uff saari nand aisi hoti hai kya these things make me think whether I should get married or stay single forever :p

Nazia Maqsood
16.03.2021, 21:57:17

Great Job Writer:-):-). keep it up!!!

Ajita Singh
15.03.2021, 17:50:55

do we need to read sequel after reading this book. ??????????????

Lhynn Quilang
14.03.2021, 18:22:03

omg i am high

Lhynn Quilang
14.03.2021, 18:04:09

i have goosebumps suddenly

Lhynn Quilang
14.03.2021, 15:49:29

OMG in like it so much made me cry gosh

Lhynn Quilang
14.03.2021, 15:10:33

its so wooowww even I got froze

Lhynn Quilang
14.03.2021, 11:00:36

oh chapter...its really very nice

Lhynn Quilang
14.03.2021, 08:15:57

am confused...but its interesting

Ishita Hira
14.03.2021, 05:48:08

Does this have a happy ending? Then I'm gonna read it...someone plzz inform

Kenny Folarin
06.03.2021, 18:29:09


Carolina Cagatcagat-Madronero
02.03.2021, 16:06:27

wow... i feel like reading it again and again..

Nivasini Dhasarathan
24.02.2021, 14:55:30

Very nice story.. I loved it

Marilyn Manarpiiz
20.02.2021, 15:32:30

Like it vm

Kishori Bhojane
18.02.2021, 18:24:00

hi writer... I was going through ur " vow to hate you" book n in that u mentioned ur dis book. that's y thought to give it a try n I must say u r phenomenal writer. n I couldn't hold back n read it completely in a night.. loved it. worth of reading.. love you.. stay blessed.. n keep writing..

Vicky Akindeju
11.02.2021, 09:00:06

Wonderful story here.
This is your first story I am reading and not disappointed. Even though I have read so many praises of you from Aliza Jabril. God bless you more with wisdom.

suchita malpotra
05.02.2021, 14:49:33

Absolutely in love with this story.

31.01.2021, 17:37:54


30.01.2021, 08:54:27

Superb novel

24.01.2021, 20:24:38

it's lovely❤

Surajie Mohammed
23.01.2021, 03:03:41

Thanks for updating .every dsy i look forwardnew episode .thanks god blessings suràjie

Akriti Dangwal
21.01.2021, 19:22:15

Lovely story

Zainab Mohammed
19.01.2021, 04:13:32

Absolutely LOVED it. I read the book in one go and let me tell you that you made me cry a lot. Literally 2 tissues were as wet as dipped in water. Although the female lead was introvert which I dint like much.

Olori Ogunaike
13.01.2021, 20:14:51

l like this book

12.01.2021, 14:40:58

Interesting n very entertaining,pls update frequently cos d suspense is too much.

Stuti Agnihotri
09.01.2021, 00:27:37


Stuti Agnihotri
09.01.2021, 00:27:17

you are awesomd

Stuti Agnihotri
09.01.2021, 00:27:03

wooow wooooooooooow

happy ending

nice story

well done

Love Love Love

love can grow anywhere and anyhow


anything can happen


she was even helping him

Thank you Amaan

it is well

Asmaira you really need help

double trouble

I pity you Asmaira

sleeping trouble



what a pity


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