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Let Me Heal You


Story about:he is the raging storm, he broke his rules, he can't let her go

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 12 Oct 1 pages

Publication: 12.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Let Me Heal You "

The most eligible billionaire of Dubai is looking for the man who ruined his mother's life. He bribed her into a most remarkable love marriage ever then brought her to Dubai and sold her to a rich Sheikh.
Arham is quite temperamental already and seeing his mother living in miseries adds more fuel to it.
Maryam is the girl who will be the best way of his revenge. She is not aware of a single thing that her father had ever done. To her he is just a well known lawyer who is very loving, loyal and busy in earning for his family. She doesn't know that how it feels to be hated by the person you love...
Let's encounter this modern love story and see that how Arham and Maryam will find a way to distinguish the fire of hate and revenge and how they will love each other and hold on to each other.


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Maryam Khan
13.11.2020, 12:13:31

waiting for the story ?

14.11.2020, 18:41:51

Maryam Khan, will do dear...thank you for your love and my apologies for the wait that I am putting you in....I will write for you no doubt....lots of love ❤

13.10.2020, 15:37:15

the introduction and quotes of your story is quite interesting ... waiting for the story so start writing ....

Rabia Khan
13.10.2020, 15:06:22

loved the introduction and i am looking forward towards the whole story....this wait is killing me...just start writing plzzzzzzz

Maryam Khan
13.10.2020, 09:19:22

The introduction is quite appealing and I am looking forward toward reading the whole story...keep it up

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