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Description of book "Let's Do Fanfic!"

Ziara had always known her life isn’t as simple as anyone. Her brothers had odd jobs, she was quite well known at school despite being an otaku nerd, a writer and now another page just opened up.

One day, as she was spending her routine at home, came three guys who happened to be Ziara’s brother’s bandmates. When they visited her house and saw her, they decided that she fits a certain role. A role she didn’t even understand what until they finally gave her the story line.

They are trying to make a goddamn fanfiction come to life. A trick to help their friend Aidan to finally have a romantic experience.

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Dennis Norman 01.09.2019, 20:00:21

I wish you could update more

Kat Moon 21.07.2019, 14:34:14

why don't you update more often?

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Kat Moon 03.08.2019, 14:55:14

Please, try it

Miri Golden 16.06.2019, 13:18:06

its very easy to read

Dennis Norman 15.06.2019, 20:05:54

adorable family

Pauletta Attaway 14.06.2019, 10:40:03

What a nice brother :D

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