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Liars Go To Bed

Hera Venice

Story about:billionaire, fakedate, engagement

Age restriction: 18+

18 76

#1492 in Romance
#615 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 24 Apr 15 pages

Publication: 24.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Liars Go To Bed"

She's an opportunist, he's a magnet for scandal. She did everything to fit in the elite circle to aim for him, being the top 1 sexiest man in the country.

But he's cold and heartless. She's persistent and witty. They're both living in the same world, being the evil and filthy social climbers. But, social climbers don't fall in love with each other, that's the problem.

She's already head over heels wanting him on bed and in her heart.


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Awodi Okeoghene
16.05.2022, 15:06:47

Please continue

Hera Venice
20.05.2022, 18:02:13

Awodi Okeoghene, Hi Awodi! I just got here to see your comment. Please bear with me as I'm writing the next chapter. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Awodi Okeoghene
10.05.2022, 23:21:43

Very nice please continue

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