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Book. "Life. Being." read online

Life. Being.

Andriychuk Andriy

Story about:life, being, philosophy

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Publication: 24.09.2022 — 07.10.2022

Description of book "Life. Being."

It all started with birth. Cell to cell, organ to organ, and the organism appeared. Like all newborns, being in a new organism, I asked myself the question: "Do I really exist? Am I really alive?". The sense organs allowed me to feel the world around me, I was reflected in reality as in a mirror. Like all other newborns. We memorized the sensations of our body in contact with the surrounding world, reflected again and again in reality, proving to ourselves that we exist, that we are alive. The care of loved ones, their love, allowed me to survive, grow up, learn to think, speak, and move the question, am I really alive? , deep into the subconscious.

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Andriychuk Andriy
24.09.2022, 18:36:03

I will be glad for your thoughts, the book's conclusion

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