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Life Less Lived

Tony Spencer

Story about:contemporary romantic drama, past misdeeds and secrets, revenge

Age restriction: 18+

11 35

#342 in Contemporary Romance
#156 in Thrillers & Suspense

Complete 343 pages

Publication: 15.04.2022 — 28.04.2022

Description of book "Life Less Lived"

This is a contemporary romantic drama featuring seven independent women: a young TV news reporter who interviews a public figure about a destructive new road & pursues a new romantic interest; a middle-aged spinster who recognises the public figure, experiences deja vie & seeks retribution; the spinster’s student niece who needs her aunt to soften the news to her mother of her illegitimate pregnancy; the well-informed PA of a road-design-and-build CEO; the public figure’s youngest daughter who hesitates to tell her father about the circumstances which have put a hold on her life; the estranged wife of the road-building CEO & her designs on the public figure; and finally an environment student concerned that her group’s protests at the road scheme was overstepping the law.


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Gamer Reader
21.04.2022, 13:38:34

I know a friend who was raped. You depicted precisely on how she and us the friends felt about what happened to her.

Gamer Reader
22.04.2022, 15:42:32

Tony Spencer, Awesome, Tony!
As expected. Vina's never wrong about recommending great authors. A salute for you :)

Gamer Reader
21.04.2022, 13:26:00

the cover provoked me, I love horseback riding :)

Gamer Reader
21.04.2022, 13:24:36

Hello, sir. Vina Arie recommended your books.
She's right, yours are great.

I'll be coming back and check out more of your books :)

Hang on there, let's fight the agony of writing :)

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