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Lighting the world

Aruna Reddy

Story about:love, tragedy, sorcery

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#195 in Dark fantasy
#376 in Short stories

Complete 12 pages

Publication: 06.06.2019 — 12.06.2019

Description of book "Lighting the world "

Set in an Ancient fantasy world of gods the story takes you into a unique journey of adventure and emotions. This is an Epic fantasy shrunk into a short story. It is a story to read in an hour and an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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Dean 19.07.2019, 17:30:03

really enjoyed this cant wait for more, if u get chance and the time check out my novel immortals awakening

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Aruna Reddy 23.07.2019, 19:19:22

Dean, Thanks a Ton, Dean. Yes, will go to your novel.

Aruna Reddy 12.06.2019, 15:23:35

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Aruna Reddy 07.06.2019, 22:37:41

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Harish TR 07.06.2019, 03:06:57

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