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Book. "Limitless - Forever Mine " read online

Limitless - Forever Mine

Ann Official

Story about:passionatelove, psycho killer, possessive obsessed mafia man

Age restriction: 18+

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#265 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2643 in Romance

On Hold: 18 Aug 3 pages

Publication: 17.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Limitless - Forever Mine "

You Were, You Are And You Will Be Mine, Forever Mine

The Moment you walked into My life I Knew You were Mine and I will do anything and everything to Make you Mine cause My Love For You is Insane and Limitless. I can go to any length to make You Mine Even if it means to Kill Someone Or Die Myself. - Veeranshu Singhania.

I wanted to Be With you But I Can't. I wanted to Be Away from you But I Can't. I Love you But At The Same Time I Hate You Cause I can't even Hate You. Your Love is Obsessive, Insane and Limitless But We aren't meant be together. - Bani Sharma.

The Moment I Saw you I Knew I have to Make you Mine cause You were and You are meant to be Mine. My Obsession and Love for you is Limitless. I Can Cross Any Limits to make you Be Mine even if it means to Kill. - Mr. X

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Balaji Express
19.12.2022, 10:15:21

please update

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