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Lines the werewolf

Mister E

Story about:werewolf, war, family

19 765

#77 in Urban fantasy
#6088 in Romance

On Hold: 23 Nov 52 pages

Publication: 21.11.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Lines the werewolf"

Lines, Tim, Timothy. This 17 year old boy goes by a few names. A dancer, a werewolf with that prime urge of freedom, primary urge to run free on the nearby forest.

Until one day a level 3 werewolf, fought Tim and forced the boy to lose an eye.

Now the main goal is to face that werewolf again and kill him! The forest will belong to Lines the werewolf!

But he was yet to realise that the forest carried more than he bargained for. A war between werewolves was raging, his family being a part of it.

His family... well that's a complicated topic, because whom is really his?


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