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Book. "Lions of the Sea - The Legacy 1" read online
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#26 in Historical Romance
#90 in Young adult

Complete 168 pages

Publication: 18.06.2021 — 30.07.2021

Description of book "Lions of the Sea - The Legacy 1"

1670, Caribbean Sea. She's the daughter of a legendary pirate. He's a Spanish captain. Their countries are at war. Their fathers killed each other. And they were destined to follow on their steps.
All they want is to kill each other, and they'll sail the Caribbean Sea tirelessly until they come across each other.
An encounter they were destined to since they were born, and that will change their lives forever.
Because sometimes destiny isn't written in stone: it's written in the deep blue of the sea.
A story full of adventures at sea, set in the thick of the war between Spain and the pirates for control over the New World.
And a different look at the challenge of being a woman in a world ruled by men with an iron fist.


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Sanhita Nandi
01.08.2021, 09:03:43

Hey author, when are you publishing book 2 Dogs of The Sea?

MC Prelooker
10.11.2021, 03:00:43

Sanhita Nandi, Thank you!!

Liana DMello
10.07.2021, 10:15:18

Your updates are getting better day by day. Nice work going on author :)

MC Prelooker
14.07.2021, 03:16:13

Liana DMello, Thank you!

Summer TanLin
13.07.2021, 06:42:51

wow, you did lots of preparation before writing.

MC Prelooker
14.07.2021, 03:16:01

Summer TanLin, I like to do my research ;D

Liana DMello
26.06.2021, 20:32:16

I must say your book is quite interesting. Waiting patiently for the next update. The trailer is also good

Liana DMello
28.06.2021, 16:50:10

MC Prelooker, I am impressed by your writing. Also learnt a lot of things : )

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