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Little Do You Know

Jessica Carter

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love, college romance, slowburn


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#181 in New Adult & College
#215 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 10 Jan 9 pages

Publication: 09.01.2019 — ...
Contests: Campus Romance

Description of book "Little Do You Know"

Kale Brooks is an all-star quarterback at his University and everyone loves him on and off the field. Except for the one person he has his eyes on. He was never a believer of love at first sight until he saw her, Esme "Rosemary" Hunt is a feisty, no-nonsense young lady. Esme has no desire to be another one of Kale's conquest and isn't afraid to voice her dislike for him

Kale gets roped into driving Esme home for the holidays and for twelve hours these two embark on a journey, that Esme wish would be over with already, but Kale wishes was a bit longer.

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AnnaRCase 20.02.2019, 16:36:36

I'm not a big fan of kale in general, by for him I just might make an exception.

AnnaRCase 20.02.2019, 16:29:27

I kinda like her but I'm not sure yet...

Catsoline Grace 26.01.2019, 20:13:29

waiting for more

Kerry Ward 21.01.2019, 14:05:38

love this cover

Kelli Callahan 19.01.2019, 00:33:18

very interesting

True Match 17.01.2019, 19:42:48

only 2 chapters, need more

Heather Navy 16.01.2019, 15:55:10

the beginning is very nice

Michael Knight 14.01.2019, 20:01:05

interesting story

Jenny 13.01.2019, 15:33:01

please, publish more, seems to be very interesting

Brian Downtown 11.01.2019, 22:46:44


Heather Navy 10.01.2019, 22:26:38

add it to my list:)

Drew 09.01.2019, 20:17:54

very nice Chapter

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