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Living with four hot billionaire's

Bright Wilfred

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Publication: 24.10.2020 — 27.10.2020

Description of book "Living with four hot billionaire's"

Bright Amos never planned on getting kidnapped, the only thing she ever planned on was to go back to Nigeria, her home country and write the god-damned exam (waec) but what happens when life decides to rip off your plans and throw them away then make a new plan for you, I'll tell you what happens, you get kidnapped by four handsome billionaire's thieves and get forced to live with them in the same house.

1 Mansion, 4 freaking hot billionaire's, 1 Girl, what could possibly go wrong, a lot of things could go wrong, especially if you start having feelings for the leader of the group who kidnapped you.

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Alessandra Miracle 04.11.2020, 11:19:46

lovely keep it up

Queen Farida 03.11.2020, 19:01:11

Bright I don't agree with you that prices of commodities are higher in Ghana than in Nigeria

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Bright Wilfred 03.11.2020, 20:52:19

mohammed farida, have you stayed in Ghana and Nigerian

Gregory Happiness Aghogho 03.11.2020, 18:43:05

i love this story

Gregory Happiness Aghogho 03.11.2020, 16:47:54


Rose Bella 31.10.2020, 21:22:50

Aaaahahahaha?! WTH? She's eating??

Rose Bella 31.10.2020, 21:05:34

Wow! I am so hooked!! There's no reason for me to not read this

Riechi Manen 31.10.2020, 04:33:42

funny, beautiful and lovely story

idaresit akpabio 30.10.2020, 22:24:09


Jaspreet kaur Dhami 30.10.2020, 18:42:28


Jennifer Zeigler 30.10.2020, 17:00:12

The story is very entertaining. Love it ❤️❤️❤️

Shreya Singh 29.10.2020, 07:10:24

such a cute story author

tosyrose 29.10.2020, 02:41:29

Rupamjha 28.10.2020, 19:32:32

OMG your book was soo amazing I love it girl

Juliet Cedro 28.10.2020, 15:47:25

Thank you ....nice story and very light I like it.

Betty Cabuguas 28.10.2020, 09:44:09

i love it !

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 03:49:29

it turns out real well thanks writer

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 03:17:55

you fucked that bitch without condom that's what happened

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 03:13:40

omg the witch figure it out things are gping to take a different turn now

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 01:31:56

don't leave plz

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 01:27:33

things a guh happen

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 01:21:53

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 01:15:41

wooieee this is so fucking good

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 01:10:15


Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 00:59:30

someone falling in love

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 00:41:09

omg this is so good I was wondering when bright was going to break was even thinking that she would have spit in the juice or mix it with a laxative

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 00:34:15

bright has four grown ass kids lol

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 00:25:55

lol this girl have them dancing to her tune they are totally afraid of her my kind if girl

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 00:16:05

I love her she is so funny

Alulu Onuoha 27.10.2020, 19:26:47

Wow!!! Wow!!! this is so interesting, keep it up

Baishakhi Das 27.10.2020, 19:12:54

Sweet and funny. Enjoyed it a lot.

Ziya Kausar 25.10.2020, 09:54:58

Loved it

Caroline Arthur 25.10.2020, 02:02:44

My first time reading a story about Ghana ?? and Nigeria ??, please things in Ghana are not expensive. I love the story and Good job author.
Let keep more forward ?

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Bright Wilfred 25.10.2020, 08:04:22

Caroline Arthur, It's more expensive than here in Nigeria.

I'm a Nigerian and I have live in Ghana.

Tabitha Mutashi 24.10.2020, 22:28:56

nice story

Ziya Kausar 24.10.2020, 21:18:04

Very exciting

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