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Living With The Tattoo Artist


Story about:addiction, communal-living, badboy

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#71 in Young adult
#1048 in Romance

Ongoing: 06 May 55 pages

Publication: 06.05.2022 — ...

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Description of book "Living With The Tattoo Artist"

Elaine and Marcie Harksett are a set of identical twins, and both twins get a chance to further their careers by moving into a multi-tenant building, unfortunately, Marcie has to stay back for a while but Elaine gets to move out and establish a home within fifteen or so more people.

The multi-tenant building runs on two tenants to a room and Marcie and Elaine would have been roommates, but because Marcie stays back, Elaine has to room with someone else for awhile.

Vincent O'Haire is a twenty-seven year old successful tattoo artist, as well he owns his own local tattoo parlor, "The Devils Trap". Vincent has lived alone in his own room with no one to be his roommate for a year and a half. That's how he likes it.

Cocky, cool-arrogant & obnoxious, meets quirky, sassy & hot-tempered!


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