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Lǐwù and the teardrop stone


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Publication: 11.12.2018 — 27.08.2020

Description of book "Lǐwù and the teardrop stone"

Lǐwù is in the forest near his home gathering herbs, when he comes across a young lady barely alive who gives him a strange stone and asks him to hide it.

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Ruechari guru 07.08.2020, 18:10:49

A wonderful mixture or myth and mystery.

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Ruechari guru 08.08.2020, 16:18:12

Babs, I will definitely look into it and hope you find the time and inspiration for that third story.

Lizzie Dunlap 18.02.2019, 12:19:59

it is lovely and intense at the same time

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Babs 19.02.2019, 01:38:48

Lizzie Dunlap, Thanks, I am pleased to hear that ^_^

Samantha Ainsley 15.01.2019, 13:52:27

I´ve just finished it and I love it

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Babs 15.01.2019, 15:38:16

Samantha Ainsley, I am glad to hear that ^_^

Lucy Roy 05.01.2019, 00:45:05

very interesting

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Babs 05.01.2019, 11:10:53

Lucy Roy, I’m pleased to hear that ^_^

Anna Morrigan 18.12.2018, 18:24:05

awesome, so engaging

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Babs 20.12.2018, 09:31:53

Anna Morrigan, I am so happy to hear that as this story has only just been reedited and for the fist time reposted on here. If I get more comments like this I am considering publishing it on iTunes with full coloured images when I have written the final story as this is a trilogy the second book is Dampa & the cursed village :)

Samantha Ainsley 19.12.2018, 14:03:14

thank you for this story

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Babs 20.12.2018, 09:33:57

Samantha Ainsley, Thank you for reading it :) if you haven't already read the Prequel Dampa & the cursed village please do as I am planning on writing the last story in the new year.

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