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lost and found


Story about:depression and human suffering, love, self improvement

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in a small town there was this girl that called zina , she is totally a different person with a good heart and a unique way of showing her kindness, she is fun, cheerful, hopeful, faithful, religious and a dreamer, she lives in a small house with her family, dad , mom , grandmother and sisters. she is a 19 years old beautiful lady with a long brown hair and cute dark chocolate. But life had other plans for her. And made her a different person, she wanted to make her dreams come true,
What would happen to Zina ?
And how would she make her dreams come true ? How would she get over her depression and find light in her life again ?.

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Prakriti Kalyaniyan 20.10.2020, 15:59:15

wow its really relates to me

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Prakriti Kalyaniyan 21.10.2020, 06:13:31

CHZ, yes I think so

Izzy 17.10.2020, 16:15:05

Added to my library :)

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CHZ 17.10.2020, 19:41:44

Izzy, thank you

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