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Publication: 26.05.2019 — 14.03.2020

Description of book "Lost In Faith"

When things all go wrong and you think all hope is gone, you tend to do things on your own. Yet, these things may sometimes drag you to your own downfall, if not for God's saving grace.


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Josie joe
15.04.2022, 18:57:14

Good inspiration story to read. nicely written.

Marilyn Lucero
15.04.2022, 19:33:16

Josie joe, Thank you so much for reading.

Maria Linda
23.09.2020, 16:32:38

Who was that someone who helped with the surgery expenses though? Was it the widow? ?

Marilyn Lucero
25.09.2020, 06:01:41

Maria Linda, wow, really??? Thank you so much!

Jessa Bensulan Meting
16.07.2020, 12:48:43

Please update

Red Heart
08.04.2020, 17:07:33

God bless.

Angel Francisco Eyas
06.04.2020, 15:38:09

God bless! Keep Inspiring

Marilyn Lucero
06.04.2020, 18:06:46

please hit the heart and follow buttons.

Rhea molos
05.04.2020, 03:08:26

Inspiring.. love it.

Marilyn Lucero
05.04.2020, 03:39:54

If you don't mind, please hit the follow button.

Joven Concemino Serilla
04.04.2020, 15:39:00

Update please

Marilyn Lucero
04.04.2020, 15:45:35

Joven Concemino Serilla, Thank you so much, jov!

S. N. Nina Arthur
21.01.2020, 06:15:01

❤️❤️❤️ I've been reading you're books and i love them , I would really feel great if you could have a look on my Book Mixed Feelings and give your thoughts on it, its my first book in here and your review will help me in writing the book . ?❤️

S. N. Nina Arthur
21.01.2020, 10:21:05

Marilyn Lucero, ❤️

Eloisa Abantao Tecling
15.11.2019, 10:33:18

Nice story! God always works in mysterious ways.

Marilyn Lucero
15.11.2019, 13:55:53

loi!!!!!!! Thank you so much for reading

Goodness Shadrach
23.10.2019, 18:42:57

wow, it was not his will for you to do that. that was why you left your diary in the church and your friend read it, it all went according to nature's plan. but I'm still glad your mother survived and you kept your dignity too.

Marilyn Lucero
03.11.2019, 08:54:16

this is when we tend to solve problems on our own but God is good.

Heather Navy
26.05.2019, 15:46:35

sometimes we need to sacrifice ourselves for the good of our loved ones

Marilyn Lucero
27.05.2019, 01:12:41

It's an inspiration to be read. Thank you so much.

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