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Book. "Lost love" read online

Lost love

Tennah Vent

Story about:love, loss, marriage

Age restriction: 18+

1 15

#402 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 13 Aug 2 pages

Publication: 06.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Lost love"

A woman by the name Sarah, loses her marine husband and is left behind with a three months old baby boy to raise.Feeling alone and miserable, she agrees to attend a charity event hosted by the school in which she works.Seated alone by a corner on the phone with her son,shes unaware of a pair of eyes that can't seem to stop staring.
A billionaire whose not accustomed to courting women,most especially ones with as low a profile as a school teacher, finds himself being challenged by his urge to know this particular one. Months go by and eventually,an year later,the dual get married.
Even with a heart filled with new found love and desire, Sarah can't find it in her to abandon her long lost love for Liam.A man proclaimed dead by the marines years ago.
Question:Is he really dead?


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