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Lost- We lost 'us' but can we find 'us' again?

Sylvia Ahongshangbam

Story about:billionaire romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#2586 in Billionaires

On Hold: 30 Aug 5 pages

Publication: 29.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Lost- We lost 'us' but can we find 'us' again? "

Eleniara Clarke, an independent 24 years old British woman who is also a heiress of a successful company falls in love with an Italian billionaire during her visit to Italy. After dating for a while when he was finally gonna propose, she witnessed his accident in which he was declared dead.

Almost one and half years after, she meets him again. This time is not only the two of them but with a little girl.

But he has no memory of their time together.

Can she help him get his lost memories? Can they make up for the time they lost?

Will he find their memories hidden within his heart again? Or will it remain hidden forever and he will lose it?


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