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Love Again - Jung Hoseok - J-Hope


Story about:bts, hoseok, humor romance and comedy

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Ongoing: 04 May 3 pages

Publication: 04.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love Again - Jung Hoseok - J-Hope"

Larisa Vargas, 24 years old, quite outgoing and unpredictable, a lover of medicine and music that after her first love was not who she thought, that and some subsequent events make her detest doctors, especially doctors Jung. She travels to Korea to take care of her friend who, thanks to the Kpoper dream, traveled to become a great lawyer and became pregnant with her boss.

The biggest surprise for Lara is knowing that her former love is her sister from another mother's best friend and doctor. Will Lara be able to forgive Hoseok for the past? Or is her resentment greater than Hoseok's love?


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Beautiful princess
04.05.2021, 08:30:30

SooMin, Its k :)

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