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Love and Hate

I am creative

Story about:love between a ceo and his assistant, betrayal heartbreak

Age restriction: 18+

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#5900 in Romance
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On Hold: 19 Jun 81 pages

Publication: 21.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Love and Hate"

It a story of a girls life and love . Elena .....
Mother dies father gets a new wife , miserable love, get raped, betrayal and misunderstandings from friends no freedom what else could I not regret.

“My life was miserable,it isn’t miserable, and I have no future” Elena shouts in anger

She knew that no one loves her in this world and thought to commit sucide

Can there be someone that understand her the best or will she be a puppet in hands of her betrayers?
Or were these all misunderstandings in her life that she has been living in?


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Kelly Blickley
02.01.2021, 11:59:14

Great story! Looking forward to next update.

I am creative
02.01.2021, 12:25:08

Kelly Blickley, Sure..... it's gonna come soon so stay tuned

Baleiwai Lella
22.12.2020, 00:19:45

OMG!!I just can't wait for them to express their feelings towards each other ❤

I am creative
22.12.2020, 04:42:51

Baleiwai Lella, Ya, well you will see that sooner!!!!!!!

Baleiwai Lella
20.12.2020, 09:49:41

Hi Ada..I really love this story and I'm looking forward for next updates..❤

I am creative
21.12.2020, 16:40:18

Baleiwai Lella, chapter updated!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont forget to read....

Baleiwai Lella
20.12.2020, 09:53:41

When can we get the new updates of this story my dear?Km eagerly waiting

I am creative
20.12.2020, 14:14:46

Baleiwai Lella, thanks dear, got back to work so would do regular update dont forget to comment for the upcoming chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sakshi V
16.12.2020, 21:08:47

when will you post further chapters..i m really excited...

I am creative
18.12.2020, 16:06:43

Sakshi singh, umm.......okay. its

I am creative
31.10.2020, 07:59:29

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